Dragorn Takahashi

Human Monk


STR [24]+7 DEX [18]+4 CON [18]+4 INT [14]+2 WIS [18]+4 CHA [13]+1




Spd-[80ft] AC-[28] HP-[175]


Melee: Always attacks with Flurry of Blows-

Weapon 1- Zul-Jynn Slasher(+2 Keen Wounding): +21/+21/+21/+16/+11(2d8+9 19-20×2) OH: +21(2d8+9)


Weapon 1-Regular ol Sling +16/+11/+6 (1d4+7)


Power Attack, [Cleave] Flying Kick, Fist of Iron, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Critical(Unarmed Strike) Improved Grapple Improved Trip Deflect Arrows

Skills- Balance + 9 Jump +24 Tumble +21 Move Silently +21 Hide +21 Sense Motive +20

Special Abilities (SA)

Stunning Fist Flurry of Blows Improved Evasion Fast Movement Still Mind Ki Strike (Lawful/Adamantine) Slowfall Purity of Body(Immune to poisons) Wholeness of Body(Cure 32 hp/daily) Abundant Step(Dimension Door as caster level 1/2 total monk) Quivering Palm(DC 22) Diamond Soul(SR 26)


Dragorn is a wondering monk who has joined with the hero’s of Brindol to train his mind and body to become powerful enough to restore honor to his fallen temple and avenge his slain master. Dragorn assists his party members by holding the front lines with his monk abilities. His signature weapons are 2 different fist weapons. The first is a black 2 pronged claw known as the Zul’Jynn Slasher. The second is a ancient magical item known by the name Obsidian.

Dragorn Takahashi

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