Father Johan Alexander


Father Marcus Alexander first appeared in the Vendetta Arc when he attacked Jelryck in the streets of Greyhawk. He is a tall man standing at 6’5. He wears a long coat with priestly vestments and a wide brimmed black hat.

Alexander is as deadly with weapons as he is will spells. Before he is engaged in melee combat, he prefers to cast as many spells on himself to gain an advantage. Once combat begins, he makes liberal use of his custom repeating crossbow, Judgment, to soften up foes from a distance before engaging at melee.

The source of his divine power is unknown, as traditional clerics must revere a deity to channel powers to the material plane. Alexander has been known to appear with a desecrated symbol of Pelor around his neck. The symbol is a dirty unkempt gold holy symbol, but the face of the idol appears in a forlorn manner; the eyes are downcast and the mouth in a depressed frown.

Alexander is often in the company of his 2 cohorts. Renald Redscalp and Kul. His two companions wear a distinct glowing neckband and always move as if in a trance. This suggests possible mindcontrol.


Father Marcus was a devout priest to the deity Pelor before his apparent fall from grace. He was a retired adventurer who kept a church in the town of Crestmoor. His wife Elana was part of his adventuring company, but died when his only child, Helena was born. Since she died of natural causes, Marcus was unable to resurrect her.

Marcus continued his churchly duties with the absence of his wife and raised his child alone.

After the castrophy of the moon blowing up, Marcus did his best to rally his community from chaos and riots. A great being of terror decended upon the town. This creature was the black phenonix. Alexander could not defend such a terror off on his own and most of the city was completely wiped out. Battered and broken, Marcus watched as the creature captured Helena and stole her away. He called out to his deity for help, but no answer came. Something inside him broke and twisted away. How could he be abandoned in his time of need? The rage consumed him and he cast away his faith. Many evil dieties tried to turn him, but he cared not for the promises of the divine. He only cared about revenge.

One dark night the pheonix returned to the home of Alexander and offered a proposal. If Alexander could find a way to the Bastion of Souls, then he would return his daughter. Alexander knew that the Bastion was a sacred place that no mortal, or deity could…or should access. He gathered his strength and unleashed a mighty attack. The Dark Pheonix was caught off guard almost obliterated until he revealed his trump card: Helena.

Helena had been twisted by the evil powers of the Black Bird and turned into a powerful specter. An Arch-Ghost unlike any undead of her kind. She was twisted by lies of abandonment and an unloving father. Fueled with the innocent rage of a child, she struck out against her own father. Beaten again, the Phenonix left Alexander with the offer.

He vowed to find a way to save his only family.

Since Marcus could not rely on the heavens to help him, he instead turned to the vast cosmos. He found a race of beings who could manipulate the powers of positive energy. This race of peoples were known as the Ethergaunts. The Ethergaunts lived on a dying planet, there intense use of positive energy nearly broke the link between the plane of positive energy and there world. No offspring could be had and there species was dying. Alexander promised them a world full of potential positive energy in exchange for the potential hiding place of the Bastion. He revealed Oreth to the Ethergaunts, and the pact was made, and the Iscariot formed.

Marcus’ plan was to build an army to not only take over the planet, but then use his army to crush the dark pheonix. The new Iscariot army commanded a massive floating island and terrible technologies. The floating island had a weapon fueled off positive energy that was directly linked to the bastion. The weapon could lay waste to entire cities. Alexander knew if that if Greyhawk fell, the free peoples would be unable to hold back the assault.

Unfortunatly the Dark Pheonix had other plans. Under the disguise of a small boy named Irenicus, the feind used the Hero’s of Brindol to formulate an attack plan against the citadel. The adventurers fought bravely to assault the citadel along with the united forces of Oreth, confronting Helena the Arch-Ghost and putting her to rest. Alexander finally came face to face with the Hero’s in one last battle. The hero’s were finally able to bring down the fallen priest. In the final moments of the battle, Irenicus appeared to finish off the priest. With a slow grin and coughing voice, the priest managed to warn the adventurers of the true evil. However, the portal to the Bastion was already open and Irenicus had his prize.

“Only a mortal man can kill an invincible monster.”

Father Johan Alexander

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