Aerastar Shimatul

Shopkeep of the Outer Realms Superior Goods and Outfitting


Aerastar Shimatul appears to be your average retired adventuring wizard who has resorted to selling various items rather than plundering them from dungeons. He is a tall human man, standing at 6 feet 3 inches not including hat. He appears to be around the age of 60, as his face is aged and he has only a ring of white hair around his head, leaving most of it bald. He wears a pair of yellow glass spectacles which sit upon his crooked hooked nose. His long chin boasts a well trimed and kept go-tee that ends in a sharp point. Aerastar prefers to dress in a bright red robe. Ocassionally he has been seen in robes of purple or orange, Red is his color of choice. Possibly the most noted feature of Aerastar’s appearence is his matching hat, which has a wide brim and is complimented by a rather large red feather that is always pinned in the side of the hat.

His original place of business is on Silver Street in the large town of Brindol, although branch shops have been opened in two other locations. These locations are The township of Hero’s Keep and Starport.This shop, Outer Realms Superior Goods and Outfitting, is seen from the streets of Brindol by a swinging sign that depects a swirling cosmos with a knight in plate armor armed with a sword. A ring of the bell chymes to the shopper’s ears as they push the windowed wooden door open. The first thing one would notice is the various sections of the shop that are divided into 4 isle like areas. The Daunting Defense section holds armors of many makes, some crafted with common materials, others made of magical substance. The Sharpest Steel section deals with weapons of all shapes and sizes, some mundane, other magical. Most anything else that an adventurer could want is(or sometimes not) found in the Otherworldly Worldly Goods. Here adventures can find anything from rope, to Eye of Gibbering Mouther. At the far end of the shop sits the massive exotic register and catalouge. A large check out desk is also located here so items may be checked out and looked over for damages. The register is actually somewhat of a mystery, as Aerastar never actually empties it’s drawers. The catalouge is a massive gold ring bound book with the shop’s custom logo emblazoned on the front of its steel covers. This book always has the exact log of current items in the shop. Down to the last arrow, this book never fails to keep track of the comings and going of items and goods. Usually any one of Aerastar’s new apprentices can be found working this desk, all of who are ready and able to help customers find what they need.

Aerastar Shimatul

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