Counclelor Piccolo Cromwell


A retired adventurer of days past, this man spends his days tending to the township matters of Saltmarsh serving as High Mayor.


Piccolo Cromwell is a retired fighter from the Saltmarsh region. He and his company of adventurers made their name question the southern regions of the area driving out evil of all sorts and saving its people. Once it was time to lay down the sword, Piccolo took it upon himself to help other up and coming adventurers by providing to them guidance. He took office shortly after and rose in the political ranks till he was elected High Mayor of Saltmarsh.

Piccolo is still sharp as ever with the Longsword and his office reflects his years of adventuring. He is a gruff official that is skeptical of outsiders, mostly merchants who want to take advantage of his people.

Counclelor Piccolo Cromwell

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