The Green Serpent

Captain Spike's ship


The Green Serpent is a heavily modified longboat in use by Captain Spike’s pirate crew. The ship is roughly 50 feet long and is equipped to support a crew of up to 35 people. The main deck is of classic ship design: An upper deck surveys the main deck and is where command of the ship is done. 2 main sails serve as the movment of the ship and they extend 30 feet into the sky, each with a crows nest. The ship in it’s basic form only has 1 mode attack and defense, and that is the “big gun” a heavy balista.

The Serpent has a stunning secret. It holds a special power to transform into a Spelljammer. The ability to transform into a Spelljammer was acquired by Spike through a Djinn lord. The Djinn rewarded Spike with the power after Spike successfully smuggled nearly 300 titanium bars from 3 different dwarven kingdoms. However, Spike used his ships new found powers to steal back the bars.

Once in Spelljammer mode, the Serpent “grows” wings


The Green Serpent

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