Brindol and Beyond

The Forlorn Cabin

The party is sent on a wild goose hunt for a cave full of magic items and gold. Their travels take them far into the winter wilderness where a strong storm is brewing up. During their travels, Jelryck is haunted by the image of a strange and terrible snow creature. In the seemingly empty forest the party finds a long abandoned hunter’s cabin. Tired and cold, the party elects to stay for the night and let the storm pass. Many of the party members are confronted with strange sights such as when Alexander pulls a bedsheet back and finds the horrifying corpse of a hunter, though it only proves to be the fear settling in the building. Jelryck is continued to be haunted by this winter time stalker and starts to feel the uneasyness of the cabin around him. Even his own friends seem to be contributing to the paranoia and fear. Everyone finally manages to fall asleep but not for long as Adamontis alerts the party to intruders! Out in the cold dead night walk animated corpses. The undead attack the cabin lead by a monsterous creature haggled in white hair and large teeth and claws. Jelryck identifies the creature as the same one who has haunted his visions through the day. After a terrible bout of combat, the party manages to drive away the undead into the night and slay the creautre leading them. Once the sun rises, the party retreats back to civilization, lucky to be alive.


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