Brindol and Beyond

Assault on the Iscariot

Heroes from around the world have gathered at the Greyhawk Defense Council(GDC) with hopes of stopping the Iscariot threat. The floating citadel demonstrated it’s destructive power when a highly focused beam of energy was released from the base of the island. The beam eradicated the entire city of Brindinford. Since the attack, the Citadel has torn a path of destruction while making it’s way to Greyhawk.

Many attemptes at combating the floating fortress have failed. The revered Battle Mages of the Arcane Vangaurd have been enlisted to aid in the defense of the city. The Council of 8 have remained neutral on the issue of how to handle the oncoming threat and instead have left it to city officals to determine further options. Many adventuring groups arrived to lend their combat expertise. Such groups include the campaign “Heroes of Brindol” lead by Jelryck and new rival group, The North Star Adventuring Company. The NSAC is led by charismatic talker Hanz Bregan who is assisted by the mysterious warrior Hakim Ensarion. Bregan’s NSAC was chosen over the Heroes by the city council to lead the spetacular aerial assault on the citadel. The NSAC revealed their secret weapon: A huge flying machine that is actually a B-52 Stratofortress.

How Hanz got his hands on this flying fortress is a mystery but it became the flagship of the alliance to stop the Iscariot. The Heroes of Brindol were not about to take a backseat to the flamboyant methods of the NSAC. Captain Johnathan Gresis aka Captain Spike had the perfect solution. His famous ship, the Green Serpent held a hidden power. The ability to become an agile flying battle ship. With the code name “Spelljammer” the ship transformed into a grand fighting machine. Equipped with twin engines powered by greater fire elementals and five ballistas, the heroes were ready to mount their own assault.

The Guardian's Prison is Destroyed: A World in Chaos

Three days after the appearence of the Floating Citadel, the moon suddenly broke in the sky. Doomsayers all over the world marked it as a sign of the end. Small meteor showers were now a common part of the world wide weather. Most burn up and end up being too small to do any real damage to buildings but some are massive-and leave their mark in timely fashion. A mysterious boy confronts the party at their base of operations, Vrath’s Keep. He reveals his identity to be Irenicus Shimatul, Aerastar’s son.

Vendetta Arc

This adveture arc covers the side events of Koehn, Dragorn, Alexander, Crussle Rowe and Ademontis.


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